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Careless Driving

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You need to know the Law.
The possible severity of it.
The legal consequences.
If you are the cause of an accident, possibly with a Death as
a result of it. What will happen to you.
Sentenced to Prison because found Guilty.?

1. Highly dangerous and possible crime committing standard of driving at the time of the offence
*the consumption of drugs (including legal medication known to cause drowsiness) or of alcohol, ranging from a couple of drinks to a 'motorised pub crawl'
*greatly excessive speed; racing; competitive driving against another vehicle; 'showing off'
*disregard of warnings from fellow passengers
*a prolonged, persistent and deliberate course of very bad driving
*aggressive driving (such as driving much too close to the vehicle in front, persistent inappropriate attempts to overtake, or cutting in after overtaking)
*driving while the driver's attention is avoidably distracted, for example by reading or by use of a mobile phone (especially if hand-held)
*driving when knowingly suffering from a medical condition that significantly impairs the offender's driving skills
*driving when knowingly deprived of adequate sleep or rest
*driving a poorly maintained or dangerously loaded vehicle, especially where this has been motivated by commercial concerns
*other offences committed at the same time, such as driving without ever having held a licence; driving while disqualified; driving without insurance; driving while a learner without supervision; taking a vehicle without consent; driving a stolen vehicle
*previous convictions for motoring offences, particularly offences that involve bad driving or the consumption of excessive alcohol before driving
*serious injury to one or more victims

Do not let this happen to you or others


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