Careless Driving

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We are in the process of gathering the latest statistics about Road Deaths caused by Careles and Dangerous driving.


For example during 2005, consumption of alcohol or drugs by drivers or riders was responsible for 24 deaths and 95 seriously injured casualties. Just over a third (34%) of these casualties were aged 25 - 34 and over three quarters (76%) were male.
Of the male deaths and serious injuries that were due to consumption of alcohol or drugs by drivers or riders, one third (33%) were aged 16 - 24 and a further 33% were aged 25 - 34.
For example during 2004 there were 5,633 injury road traffic accidents in which 10,679 drivers/riders were involved.


Dangerous-Reckless or Careless Driving can KILL


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Do know someone who is or could be dangerous to itself or others while Driving?
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You May not Believe what you READ in this page

THINK THINK before you enter the CAR and remember the DANGERS of driving and avoid all possabilities by GIVING YOUR FULL ATTENTION TO DRIVING.