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Yes!!!! All it takes is a few seconds of CARELESSNESS and it is possible to lose control of the Vehicle you are driving and Cause almost any kind of damage / injury to passengers-yourself-your car-or another car.Think about it now!!!!!!

Speeding is one of, or the worst kind of Careless Driving.

Just stop and thing what kind of driving you are up to.!

Showing off is Dangerous....
Although careless driving may not actually be obvious to the driver it will usually be obvious to other motorists and the police. Examples of careless driving can include colliding with a stationary car, attempting a U-turn on a busy road and turning right without giving way to another vehicle. Also speeding. The offence of careless driving can be committed on public roads as well as public places such as a car park.
Careless driving will usually result in between three to nine penalty points. Disqualifications and fines can also be applied depending on the seriousness of the offence and the driver’s history and previous penalty points. Failing to stop and report if an accident was the result of careless driving is a serious motoring offence, possibly carrying a prison sentence.
Careless driving
Although the least serious of the three offences, careless driving is still regarded as a major breach of motoring law.
Penalties can range from 3-11 points to disqualification, and convictions can stay on a licence for the maximum of 11 years.


Careless and Reckless Driving may cause Fatal Accidents


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THINK THINK before you enter the CAR and remember the DANGERS of driving and avoid all possabilities by GIVING YOUR FULL ATTENTION TO DRIVING.


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