Careless Driving

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It may be the weather,
Wet, Windy, Misty, Icy, Snowy,or even Bright sunshine-or road works.
Countryside roads are most dangerous.
An animal may unexpectatly appear or even a tractor from a field.
Road and their conditions and circumstance need to be respected
at all time for the danger is always there.
Best thing to do is SLOW Down.

Do not listen to others in the car.
Do what you think is safe,

That is why SPEED LIMITS EXIST and should be Observed
at all times is a must.


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Do know someone who is or could be dangerous to itself or others while Driving?
this website is.www.yourbaddriving.co.uk
Why a Road can be DANGEROUS!!!!!!

THINK THINK before you enter the CAR and remember the DANGERS of driving and avoid all possabilities by GIVING YOUR FULL ATTENTION TO DRIVING.