THINK THINK before you enter the CAR and remember the DANGERS of driving and avoid all possabilities by GIVING YOUR FULL ATTENTION TO DRIVING.


for Your Guidance of SAFER DRIVING



Careless Driving

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First and foremost respect the road your driving on.
*The conditions due to the weather.
*The conditions due to traffic.
*The conditions due to road works.
At night driving is different.
Headlights may be blinding.The road may have potholes. In winter
black ice is a massive danger.

Even a second of distraction,may make a difference between safety and danger.

For example:
Changing a cd, drinking, eating or the worse talking on phone.


Dangerous-Reckless- Careless Incosiderate driving, can Kill


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Do know someone who is or could be dangerous to itself or others while Driving?
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