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After an Accident has occured various procedures by the emergency services take place.

All to look after the injured or at the worst the DEAD.

What To Do if You Are The Driver in an Accident
If an accident occurs and you are driving, then you need to assess the situation and see if any of the following situations apply:
Is anyone (other than yourself) injured?
Has there been any damage caused to someone else's property, or another vehicle?
Has an animal (other than any you were transporting in your vehicle) been killed or injured (for these purposes an animal applies to a dog, pig, goat, sheep, ass, mule, horse or cattle.
If any of the above points do apply, you are legally required to stop at the scene and remain there for a reasonable period of time that will allow any people involved directly or indirectly in the accident to come to you and request your contact details.
If you are approached by anyone who has reasonable grounds for requesting your information (someone involved with the accident, or who owns property that has been damaged) then you must supply to them your contact details (name and address) and if you are driving someone else's car, then you must supply the contact details of the registered owner too.
If you don’t leave your details at the scene, then you must report the incident to a police officer or at a police station as soon as is practically possible – and in any event, within 24 hours. You can ring to advise the station that you are coming to report a road traffic accident, but it is not acceptable to report the incident over the telephone – it must be done in person

THINK THINK before you enter the CAR and remember the DANGERS of driving and avoid all possabilities by GIVING YOUR FULL ATTENTION TO DRIVING.


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After an Accident

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