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After a Loss of a Son or Daughter
First thing to
...You are Not Alone...
Even when all is done and family and friends are gone deep down you know they are there for you. Just a phone call away.
While many friends are supportive around the time of the death, grieving people often discover that support fades shortly after the funeral.
Many people mistakenly believe that grief is so personal we want to keep it to ourselves.
When someone is going through a bad time, we tend to leave them alone, often because their situation makes US feel uncomfortable.
Sometimes it's not until the actual funeral, that the reality of what has happened finally sinks in.Certain dates such as birthdays or anniversaries will make the sadness and grief feel worse; however, as each year passes the sadness will lessen until the sufferer no longer feels you must hold onto the past.

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The Loss of a Son or Daughter for a parent is theworst of the worst life can hit you with.
Time only helps to cope better.
Gone, yes, but - NEVERAWAY
You feel your sibling around you, always
Images of my Son who went aged 20
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